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BAUER’s Breathing Air Compressor Systems  are the gold standard for firefighting, diving, military, offshore, industrial and medical applications where reliable ultra-pure breathing air is required to maintain life safety. Each product within our breathing air portfolio is specifically designed for the end user application ranging from small mobile systems to very large stationary systems operating in fire stations, mobile vehicles, dive operations, shipboard, offshore platforms, industrial plants, etc. Our systems can fit any need from 2.9 scfm charge rate up to 145 scfm charge rate (per compressor system) with fill pressures up to 6000 psig. Our Containment SCBA/SCUBA fill stations are built to exceed the current NFPA standards and including independent certification by a third-party laboratory. 

Bauer Features & Benefits


Bauer compressor systems are the most durable and reliable systems in the world. Our block life is rated in thousands of hours, as compared our competition models that are rated in hundreds of hours. As the world’s largest compressor manufacturer, we design, build and test our own compressor blocks, which are exclusive to Bauer products.

Lowest Cost of Ownership Available

Another Bauer advantage is low cost of ownership. Bauer service parts are readily available and are very affordable. Bauer compressors are built to last a lifetime, not to be taken out of service and replace every 10 years like so many competitor models are. 

Clean & Dry Breathing Air

Dry air is often overlooked, yet extremely important. Air with moisture in it can cause rusting of internal compressor components, rusting of cascade cylinders and SCBA freeze issues in low temperatures, along with many other issues. Air with a high moisture content can also be a major safety factor for firefighters who expect their SCBA’s to provide safe air for any condition. Beyond moisture, another major concern is air contamination by oil seepage past piston rings, etc. By using only top of the line, proprietary internal components and purification systems, our Bauer compressor systems prevent this type of contamination from entering your breathing air, providing you with the cleanest, driest air possible.

Built to Spec

While there are often similar designs, there is no cookie cutter formula that works the same for everybody. Bauer compressors are designed and built to meet your specific needs. You do not need to change the electrical system in your station to match your compressor. We will custom build the compressor to work with your station, saving you both time and money.

Self Sufficient Operation

Bauer compressors are designed to be self-sufficient. They can start up and shut down automatically, based on settings that you provide. They come with automatic moisture drains, which helps ensure clean, dry air with little or no effort on your part. They let you know when your purification filters need replacement. They can even monitor carbon dioxide in your breathing air. Bauer compressor systems are here to make your life a little easier.

Quiet Operation

They say that if you are alone in the station and you listen very carefully, you can hear a Bauer compressor run. But you have to be alone, and you have to listen very carefully.

Made in the USA

Bauer is the worldwide leader in air compressor systems and has manufacturing facilities all over the world. One of those facilities is located in Norfolk, VA.

Bauer Products