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Over 40 years ago we patented the first ever rescue tool system, and we haven’t stopped innovating since then. Our commitment to research and development, along with quality manufacturing, has resulted in a line of products known for their outstanding safety, durability and performance. Because of this commitment, Hurst Jaws of Life® rescue systems have been instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of lives throughout those 40-plus years.

Originally manufactured by Hurst Performance Inc., in Warminster, Penn., the rescue system was developed for use in the race car industry. The original tool was a two-part system consisting of a 32-inch hydraulic spreader powered by a two-cycle gasoline power unit. Because the tool reduced the time to extricate a victim from a car crash, literally snatching them from the “jaws of death,” the tool earned the name Jaws of Life. Today, Jaws of Life is a registered trademark of Hurst Jaws of Life, Inc. Located in Shelby, N.C, Hurst Jaws of Life rescue systems now travel with more than 35,000 rescue squads, fire and police departments throughout the world.

Hurst Features & Benefits

Stronger, Lighter, Faster

Hurst tools are the fastest, lightest and most powerful tools in the world, hands down. As the industry leader world-wide, Hurst has been setting the standard for over 40 years. Many have tried to duplicate or even copy the Hurst design, but none have been able to replicate the results that you get with Hurst.


Hurst tools are extremely well balanced. This was done to reduce operator fatigue and make the tools faster to deploy and operate.


George Hurst pioneered the extrication market when he created the world’s first hydraulic extrication tools in the 1960’s to help rescue drivers from wrecked race cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Soon after, the tool was dubbed “Jaws of Life” and was adapted by rescue agencies throughout the country, and eventually the world. Hurst has been the leader of rescue tool technology ever since. When lives are at stake, don’t settle for second best and don’t settle for an imitation.     


Using the Hurst patented 360 degree pressure sensitive controller design, the operator has complete control over the pressure and speed of the tool.

Low Cost of Ownership

Hurst tools are built to last a lifetime, meaning you won’t need to spend insane amounts of money to keep them in service.

Quiet Operation

There is enough going on when you are at the scene of an accident. You don’t need to make things more difficult by having to deal with excessive background noise.

Made in the USA

Hurst is the worldwide leader in extrication equipment and has manufacturing facilities all over the world. One of those facilities is located in Shelby, NC.

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