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Founded in 1960 and born global, VIKING is a privately held market leader in maritime and fire safety with group headquarters in Denmark and 2,000 employees worldwide. VIKING supplies and services a wide range of essential safety equipment and solutions for passenger carrying and commercial vessels, offshore installations, the defense sector, leisure yachts, fishing vessels and firefighting operators across the world.

VIKING fire suits are chosen by professional firefighters across the globe because of their superior balance between Protection, Durability and Mobility. Having supplied top of the line fire suits and personal protective equipment since 1982, we know that firefighting is tough business - and that your protective clothing shouldn’t make it any tougher! A rugged, lightweight and comfortable fire suit combining great thermal and flashover protection with freedom of movement is essential for your safety and performance in any live firefighting situation. VIKING fire suits are engineered to offer optimum protection and conserve your energy, so that you may concentrate fully on the business of fighting fires and saving lives.

Our skilled designers know what it takes to create suits with the best possible combination of quality fabrics, protective layers and the latest features and technology. When it comes to suit design, the look, feel and even the craftsmanship of the stitching is distinct. For us, attention to detail is critical to ensuring that for years on end, our suits continue to serve and protect the world’s greatest firefighters! 

In close cooperation with our international customers and their high standards, VIKING has pioneered several innovations and developments within the fire suit manufacturing industry. Most recently, we fielded the VIKING Guardian fire suit introducing a revolutionary concept for protecting firefighters against the health risks related to exposure to carcinogens and dangerous particles.  

All VIKING fire suits meet international quality standards and requirements, such as EN469 and NFPA 1971.

Viking Features & Benefits

Will Not Absorb Water

When properly laundered, the Viking turnout gear will not absorb water, creating a huge weight savings. The shell has a moisture resistant coating that will cause water to bead up and run off the fabric, rather than to be absorbed. This coating is heat activated, so proper drying of your gear is important.

Anti-Static Fabric Design

The Titan outer shell is designed to be anti-static. That could make a huge difference in an IDLH atmosphere!

Multiple Fabric Options

As an industry leader in life safety equipment, Viking has a global reach. This allows Viking to hand select the best materials available for their gear. This also gives Viking color options that other manufacturers simply don’t have access to.      

Lightweight, Breathable and Comfortable

Exclusive to Viking, the Titan outer shell material provides extraordinary weight savings while allowing better breathability and comfort for the user.

Machine Dry

Tired of waiting for your gear to air dry? Wait no more. Not only is Viking turnout gear designed to be dried in the drier, that is their recommendation! The outer shell has a moisture barrier on it that is heat activated. Placing your gear in the drier helps to activate this coating, allowing your gear to repel water.

Freedom of Movement

Do you need to pull up on your pant legs a little bit to step up into the truck? Does your coat feel more like a tuxedo jacket that a t-shirt? There are better options available to you! Viking turnout gear is form fitted, allowing it to move with you and not fight against you, giving you freedom of movement that you probably didn’t realize was even possible. 

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