Chisago City Fire

On the night of 9-27-16 Chisago City Fire Dept. was doing an extrication drill. During our drill we had an equipment failure on our Lukas spreader. A hydraulic line had ruptured on the tool and rendered it inoperable. So I texted Mitch at 9:00 PM to let him know, not expecting him to answer that late in evening. He replied back within minutes and said he would be to our station first thing in the morning. Great! That would work and down time would be minimal since this is our only set.

Well as fate would have it, on the morning of 9-28-16, we had a personal injury high speed crash on Hwy. 8 at 9:23 am. My crew rolled in thinking that our tool may be out of service still. Much to their surprise Mitch had repaired our tool and put it back into service, cleaned and stowed properly in its compartment. The engine responded to the call needing to extricate patient, which they did with no delays.

The exceptional service provided by Mitch may have helped save this person’s life. I would like to say thank you from CHISAGO CITY FIRE for taking care of our needs.

Steve Pangburn
1st Asst. Chief of Chisago City Fire